Print Finishes - What is the difference between C-Type and Giclee?

The C-Type printing process uses a laser light which interacts with the elements within the photographic paper to create the image. The final image will have smoother gradients, as the laser is continuous, but the tone will be more subtle than a Giclee.

A C-type print should last between 40-80 years depending on it's storage conditions, but should avoid direct sunlight.


The Giclee printing process is where ink is sprayed directly from the printer onto the paper. This is why paper with a matt finish can be used. The Giclee ink is able to produce more vibrant, vivid tones than C-Type.

A Giclee print should last between 40-200 years depending on it's storage conditions, but should avoid direct sunlight.


Which print finish is better, C-Type or Giclee?

The Giclee prints are my personal favourite and would be my preferred choice. I find that the colours have more depth, vibrancy and overall wow factor. The matt finish of the paper gives the illusion of the print being more realistic to an original painting.

That being said I have been very impressed by the quality of the C-Type prints. The colour matching to the original artwork has been very good. Unlike the realistic appearance of the Giclee print, when you look at the C-Type print you instantly know that it is a photographic print due to the slight sheen of the paper finish.

I decided to offer both printing options as the C-Type prints are a slightly lower price point, yet still offer a high quality product. Before adding the artwork online test samples of both print finishes are purchased to ensure the finish and colour matching is up to standard. On each product page you'll find a photo showing both print finishese side by side and if there are any slight colour variations it will be mentioned in the product description.

Therefore, depending on your budget and how focal/large the artwork will be, you should be able to choose an option which works best for you.

All prints are produced and distributed by a professional print house based in Glasgow with fantastic reviews. If you are not entirely happy with the quality of your print please do get in touch via the contact form.



As the prints are printed 'on demand' unfortunately all sales are final. However if your print does not arrive, or is damaged, please do get in touch as soon as possible. Please note that whilst every effort is made to show the artwork 'true to life' there may be slight colour variations due to differences in your monitor settings.