I'm Emily, a self-taught Artist with an abstract style driven by colour and texture.

I previously worked with acrylic spray paints and whilst I loved the adventure, chaos and the vibrant colours of the medium, I did not love the toxic fumes. After trying, and struggling, with more traditional acrylic paint I stumbled across oil paints and a new exciting world of painting opened up to me.

I don't plan out my work, I firstly choose my colour palette and then begin laying down colour. This first half of the process is admittedly a little frustrating as the canvas looks like an uninspiring mess. My mantra in life is to "trust the process" and I often need to remind myself of this once or twice while I'm painting before the piece starts to come together. At this stage I feel like I know what direction to move forward in and it all becomes a little more enjoyable.


At this time none of my work is inspired by anything in particular. Often when I'm out walking I notice patterns and design in nature. This is something that I'm drawn to and subconsciously incorporate into my work loosely, with a more vibrant and exciting colour palette!

Here are a few examples, a twisted piece of beautiful driftwood. The next two are of the ground in a thermal area (either Yellowstone, USA or Rotorua in New Zealand, my photo albums are unorganised). Usually while all the other tourists are taking photos of the "normal" attractions, I'm here zooming in at the ground, or the bark on a random tree!